This is amazing! I love what you shared here, and like David Majister, I'm also new to Medium and figuring out my writing pace, schedule, output, etc. This was super helpful, and although I've done professional writing in the past, I admit that I haven't been disciplined in writing every day. You've encouraged and challenged me, and I saved this story because I'll definitely be referring back for guidance and inspiration! 50 enthusiastic claps for you!

This is a great, encouraging article. I have yet to find a writing schedule that I will stick to because I tend to be more of a sprinter. I have tried the "write every day" advice, but I have not been successful in making myself stick to it, even when I time block it in my calendar. I like this idea of just blocking out a couple of days a week and writing more per day, though. I'm going to try it as I have a feeling this might actually work for me. Thanks for the entertaining and informative article. Look forward to reading more from you.

This right here! It's about the habit, not the results. No matter what endeavor we're pursuing, be it writing, playing music, building a business, or something else, we will never have 100% days every day. We have to focus on the long game of developing the skill and the habit, and in the end, it'll all balances out. Great example, and reminds me to not be so hard on myself when I have those days of boring, confusing crap that goes nowhere, too!

Great insights! I agree with you. Picking a niche doesn't need to be a prison sentence. There's still so much room to play with endless subtopics. Not to mention, it's actually the people who have broad interests and experiences who bring the most unique perspectives. I'm all for cross-pollinating niches!

Outstanding article and advice! Thank you! LinkedIn has always felt like an enigma to me, and I'll admit that I've never been consistent about going to the site more than once a week because I've never been sure what to really do there. But now, you've helped me completely reframe my concept of LinkedIn, and I dare say that I will even give your strategy a shot! 15 minutes a day, text only, work/business-related, keep it real and keep it simple. I can do that! Thank you!!!

Even, and especially, if (like me) you’re not Black

Sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. with Washington National Monument in the background — Black History Month
Sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. with Washington National Monument in the background — Black History Month
Photo by Woubishet Z. Taffese on Unsplash

You may or may not know that February is Black History Month. Even if you did know, if you’re not Black, you may have just shrugged it off as not pertaining to you and didn’t give it another thought. But you just might be surprised at how much Black history has helped build the foundation of this country and even directly affected your own life.

A brief history of Black History Month

It originally started in 1926 as Negro History Week, which was in the middle of February. …

Deborah Provenzale

Solo adventurer | Expat | Free Spirit || Helping women have more freedom, adventure & courage through entrepreneurship, mindset & personal development.

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